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The Ignite Sports Foundation is a 501(c) (3) Non-Profit human service organization that provides, coordinates and supports the Inclusion of Individuals with ALL types of abilities in fitness and sport training.
We welcome participants who are physically and/or Intellectually challenged, economically disfranchised, or are considered "at risk" either behaviorally or due to their living situations. Open to the public, Ignite Sports Center is the FIRST facility of its’ kind to integrate mainstream with Individuals with Special needs.
Our core value is that everybody, despite their Ability or perceived Disability, financial situation  or circumstance deserves the right to partake in  programs that address their health and fitness goals; and to create a healthy lifestyle for ALL children.  Fostered and adopted children participate for free programs and all special needs programs including normalization are free of charge.
In addition to Sport For All, the Ignite Foundation raises money and provides gym and fitness classes, attire and equipment to homes for abandoned children.
Our outreach is local but we also work both nationally and internationally with certain causes, we have sent coaches to work with children in the most impoverished places and sent equipment and supplies when needed. We twin with school s in places where playing sport is not a viable option and make it happen.



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Special Needs and Normalization Sports Programs


Helping The Economically Disenfranchised


Abandoned, Fostered and Adopted Children


Sport Can Create Hope, Where Once There Was Only Despair

Nelson Mandela


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Ignite Foundation are proud partners of the Honda Classic Birdies For Children Charity Event

Feb  2019

We are proud once again to be part of the great Honda Classic Birdies For Children fundraiser To donate and have the chance to win a brand new Honda car follow the link


The Community United Scholarship Program

Nov 2018

The purpose of the project is to create a full academy team made up of 100% scholarships with all players coming from families in the community who are financially disenfranchised. The aim is not only to offer a chance to player soccer for those who could not afford it but also to give the youth a sense of belonging and community – to be part of something positive. We will provide a sense of family and camaraderie where each player is supported and valued. As a team and soccer family, we will celebrate the individual accomplishments of each player while upholding a team mindset and a culture of humility and mutual respect. Our mission is to develop key core values, which will provide them with the best opportunity to be successful in other areas of life